Everyday theology, life before the Internet, bloated FB apps, and 90s Rock galore [Weekly Roundup]

My friend Barney has just co-founded a new blog that aims to explore theology for non-theologians. Away from the world of academia, theology is still crucial for every church and all who would follow Jesus. I’m super-excited by this blog and can’t wait to see what they share in the future. Check out this reflection on Eph 1:17-23 for a taste of what’s to come…


Alongside stories of toddlers looking through stacks of photos and getting frustrated that they can’t pinch-to-zoom and get a better look at something, this post made me realise that there’s an awful lot I’m going to have to explain to my brood. I just hope they don’t look at me like I did when my Mum shared that she still remembers the gas-man lighting the street lamps outside her house!


As a professional geek, I’ve spent way too many hours poring through other people’s bad code; an unwelcome task only bested by the dread of poring through my own bad code! You often think that big tech companies would be immune from technical debt, but a fellow developer found that nothing could be further from the truth when they reverse-engineered the Facebook app to see just why it was >100MB. It’s worse than I could have possibly imagined…


My musical awakening came right in the midst of these songs’ release. Mid-1990s rock, alternative and metal ruled MTV in those days, and it was glorious! While my tastes have shifted on, a load of these songs still take me back to when my hair was long; I had just picked up the guitar, and was eager to join them in rocking out. Join me on my trip down memory lane…

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